On Sunday, June 23rd, team members from Bernath & Rosenberg’s Howell office helped support The Special Children’s Center by participating in a 3.5 mile run around Lakewood. In preparation for this day, the B&R team was determined to reach their goal and raise $15,000 to go towards the organizations incredible mission of making life possible for children with special needs and their families. Not only did they succeed in reaching that goal, they surpassed it! B&R raised over $17,000 for The Center Run, and the total raised for the day by all the runners and sponsors was over $1,400,000.


We are so proud of our runners who were part of this amazing community initiative, and we are honored to have had a part in it. We look forward to supporting many more organizations such as The Special Children’s Center, and will continue our commitment of playing an active role in our community programs.


To learn more about Bernath & Rosenberg, please call 212.221.1140 or email info@bernathandrosenberg.com.  


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